Widgie Nickel (WIN.asx) Site Visit

There has been a lot of progress in the last year, with a small exploration camp built and a lot of drilling occurring near Widgie 3 to Gillet.
This is likely to be the first operation, with a scoping study expected this quarter and production targeted 2HCY23.
It also means agreement for offtake is also likely soon for Armstrong in order to put economics into a study.
Detailed met work on Armstrong almost completed.
Offtake terms would be a big catalyst adding to credibility that the project is heading to production.

Widgie Nickel (WIN.asx) Site Visit 1
Source: EZL; Armstrong pit

We visited the Gillet North drill collar for hole 225 (12 metres at 1.22% Ni AND 12 metres at 3.40% Ni AND 18 metres at 4.69% Ni AND 4 metres at 1.09% Ni).
This has the potential to drastically improve the economics of mining between Widgie 3 and Townsite and is likely to be the main centre of production overtime.
Drilling is ongoing.

Widgie Nickel (WIN.asx) Site Visit 3
Source: EZL; Gillet North
Widgie Nickel (WIN.asx) Site Visit 5
Source: WIN
Widgie Nickel (WIN.asx) Site Visit 7
Source: EZL; Exploration core shed (small camp out of picture but to the left)

Below is current resource table

Widgie Nickel (WIN.asx) Site Visit 9
Source: WIN

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