Our dedicated group of qualified Investment Advisers carry expertise that span across the broad range of asset classes available for investment.

We pride ourselves on being the “go to” wealth manager in WA over the long term, that can cater for varying and different ambitions, goals and objectives.

Each person’s circumstances and financial goals, ambitions or requirements are different. Whatever the circumstances of a client we seek to be able to meet their requirements.

We have the specific skills and expertise along with the specialist technical and strategic financial planning capabilities to assist with your needs. This includes delivering wealth management advice and strategy to individuals, wealth accumulators or retirees, superannuation, self managed superannuation Trustees or Directors, family offices and not-for-profit organisations.

A service offering that thrives on excellent client service, delivering results and building and maintaining a strong relationship that endures.

We can utilise a broad range of investment options which include but are not limited to:

  • Domestically Listed Shares
  • Internationally Listed Shares
  • Listed Yield Focused Securities
  • Managed Funds

  • Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)
  • Direct & Listed Property Investments
  • Private Equity
  • Cash & Term Deposits

Euroz Hartleys Private Wealth team is designed to meet the necessary demands and requirements of our clients over the long term. This design includes a structure that is transparent and efficient and includes:

  • Corporate governance, strategy and oversight,
  • a specialised team of Investment Advisers to provide long term strategic wealth management,
  • a client focused Adviser Support team, and
  • a dedicated Risk and Compliance function.

Euroz Hartleys Private Wealth team employ some 57 Investment Advisers many of who have been with the business for a long period of time. Some of the client relationships within the business have been in place since it’s inception which has been enormously rewarding.

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Equities advice and execution, ASX listed product, Capital Raisings and Initial Public Offerings

Wealth Management

Multi asset investment advice, Portfolio management and administration, Strategic advice

Financial Planning

Financial strategy/planning including Superannuation, Insurance, Estate Planning and Portfolio investment advice


Tim Bousfield, Paraplanner
+61 8 9268 2827 | tbousfield@eurozhartleys.com

Robbie Hanrahan Smith, Associate Adviser
+61 8 9488 1436 | rhsmith@eurozhartleys.com

Robbie commenced employment at Euroz Hartleys in early 2018 as an Institutional Sales Trader. Robbie is a Designated Trading Representative, holds a Bachelor of Commerce from UWA Majoring in Business Law and Marketing and is currently completing post-graduate studies in Finance. Robbie commenced working as an Associate Adviser in the Private Wealth division early 2022.

Jessica Atkinson, Dealers Assistant
+61 8 9268 2832 | jatkinson@eurozhartleys.com

Helen Bamber, Dealers Assistant
+61 8 9268 2878 | hbamber@eurozhartleys.com

Sienna Barnes, Dealers Assistant
+61 8 9268 2845 | SBarnes@eurozhartleys.com

Olivia Barton, Dealers Assistant
+61 8 9488 1411 | obarton@eurozhartleys.com

Michael Bartley, Private Wealth Adviser
+61 8 9346 0352 | mbartley@eurozhartleys.com

Michael has been working in the stockbroking industry since 2009. Michael joined Euroz Hartleys following the merger with Blackswan Equities, after beginning his career at accounting firm Grant Thornton. Michael holds a Bachelor of Commerce from Curtin University and a Graduate Diploma of Financial Planning from Kaplan Professional Education. Michael focuses on providing a comprehensive [more]

Brian Bates, Private Wealth Adviser
+61 8 9346 0314 | bbates@eurozhartleys.com

Brian has over 20 years of experience in stockbroking, investment and superannuation management. Brian holds a Bachelor of Commerce from UWA, and was previously a chartered accountant before moving in to investment management. Brian is a senior member of the Private Client Division and offers a comprehensive wealth management service to high net worth individuals.

Paul Berson, Private Wealth Adviser
+61 8 9346 0328 | pberson@eurozhartleys.com

Paul completed a Bachelor of Commerce from UWA majoring in Accounting and Finance before commencing in the stockbroking industry in 1999.  Paul specialises in providing a comprehensive Wealth Management Service to private investors seeking advice on both their Superannuation and personal investment portfolios.  

Rhian Blackley, Compliance Officer
+61 8 9268 3067 | rblackley@eurozhartleys.com

Jye Bolton, Associate Adviser
+61 8 9488 1443 | jbolton@eurozhartleys.com

Jye Bolton joined Euroz Hartleys in 2021 after completing a Bachelor of Commerce, Majoring in Finance at Edith Cowan University. Jye is currently undertaking further study with Kaplan Professional, in order to obtain a Graduate Diploma in Financial Planning.

Nicola Bond, Investment Adviser
+61 8 9268 2840 | nbond@eurozhartleys.com

Nicola has been assisting clients with their investment and superannuation needs for over 28 years and holds the Diploma of Financial Planning and is a Senior Associate of the Financial Services Institute of Australasia.  She joined Euroz Hartleys in 1998. She specialises in creating long term wealth for clients by professional management of individually tailored [more]

Brad Booth, Investment Adviser
+61 8 9268 2873 | bbooth@eurozhartleys.com

Brad has been employed at Euroz Hartleys Limited for 25 years and has built a client community that relies on his expertise for portfolio management and getting clients to their goals. By providing individualised solutions to each family group, Brad and his team have steered their clients through the variety of life and financial stages [more]

Michael Boyatzis, Associate Adviser
+61 8 9488 1476 | mboyatzis@eurozhartleys.com

Michael Boyatzis joined Euroz Hartleys in 2020 after completing a Bachelor of Commerce, Majoring in Finance and Economics at the University of Western Australia. Michael is currently completing Graduate Diploma in Financial Planning through Kaplan Professional Education.

Adrian Brant, Investment Adviser
+61 8 9268 3065 | abrant@eurozhartleys.com

Adrian holds a commerce degree with a double major in economics and finance with a sub major in public accounting Adrian has been providing bespoke advise to institutional and retail client for 25 years

Nathan Bray, Investment Adviser
+61 8 9268 2874 | nbray@eurozhartleys.com

Sven Burrell, Investment Adviser
+61 8 9268 2847 | sburrell@eurozhartleys.com

Sven has over 20 years of experience in stockbroking, with his expertise lying in constructing long and short-term trading strategies utilising his knowledge of technical analysis. Combined with sound experience in retirement planning, superannuation and wealth management, Sven is able to offer his clients a bespoke approach to achieving their long- and short-term investment objectives.

Nicola Butler, Dealers Assistant
+61 8 9268 2871 | nbutler@eurozhartleys.com

Donna Caird, Associate Director & Head of Risk
+61 8 9476 3951 | dcaird@eurozhartleys.com

Tony Chien, Investment Adviser
+61 8 9268 2850 | tchien@eurozhartleys.com

Graduate of RMIT, Melbourne University (Mech. Eng. Hons.) and Curtin University (MBA), Fellow member of FINSIA; joined Hartley Poynton in year 2000 from a technical and management background. Tony is a former engineering executive with extensive international exposure to oil/gas, petrochemical, resource and energy industries. He speaks Chinese and German and is an active Rotarian [more]

Alisha Clemente, Dealers Assistant
+61 8 9268 2833 | aclemente@eurozhartleys.com

Jessica Cooper, Dealers Assistant
+61 8 9488 1452 | jcooper@eurozhartleys.com

Paul Cooper, Private Wealth Adviser
+61 8 9346 0316 | pcooper@eurozhartleys.com

Paul has background in both stockbroking and investment banking. Prior to equities dealing he spent time based in Sydney and Singapore providing structured debt financing to resource companies. Paul holds a Bachelor of Commerce, as well as furthering his education through the Chartered Financial Analyst program and Chinese language studies.

Tim Cottee, Investment Adviser
+61 8 9268 3064 | tcottee@eurozhartleys.com

David Cross, Investment Adviser
+61 8 9268 2860 | dcross@eurozhartleys.com

David has been with Euroz Hartleys since 1996, during which time he has built strong relationships with a range of institutional, HNW and private clients in Australia and overseas. During the past 25 years, David has provided his clients with effective and appropriate advice across a range of structures and sectors, having a diverse range [more]

Emma Di Lucia, Dealers Assistant
+61 8 9268 2832 | edilucia@eurozhartleys.com

Nicholas Draper, Investment Adviser
+61 8 9268 2883 | ndraper@eurozhartleys.com

Nick completed a Bachelor of Economics from UWA and also holds a Graduate Diploma in Applied Finance. He commenced stockbroking with Hartley Poynton Ltd in 1996 and is a Senior Adviser on the Private Client Desk. Nick has a history of building long term relationships with private clients focusing primarily in wealth & portfolio management. [more]

Zara Edgar, Dealers Assistant
+61 8 9488 1480 | zedgar@eurozhartleys.com

Michael Emery,
+61 8 9488 1424 | memery@eurozhartleys.com

Michael has a background in both the resources sector and as a resources research analyst. Prior to joining Euroz Hartleys, he spent 8 years with BHP as a mining engineer and operations manager. Michael holds a Bachelor of Engineering (Mining) and a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) with a Finance specialisation from UWA.

John Featherby, Investment Adviser
+61 8 9268 2811 | jfeatherby@eurozhartleys.com

John has over 30 years of broking experience with Hartley Poynton – Hartleys, serving as Chairman for several years, and now Euroz Hartleys. John formerly worked for State Treasury of WA, with experience in money and bond markets. John specialises in small to mid-cap resources and has an extensive client base of High Net Worth [more]

Ben Fleay, Private Wealth Adviser
+61 8 9268 2844 | bfleay@eurozhartleys.com

Ben has over 17 years-experience in financial services. Graduated from University of WA with a Bachelor of Computer and Mathematical Science. Ben commenced with Hartleys in 2004 and continued his studies through FINSIA completing a Graduate Diploma in Applied Finance and Investment and at Curtin University with a Masters of Business Administration. Ben is accredited [more]

Rachel Foy, Dealers Assistant
+61 8 9268 3057 | rfoy@eurozhartleys.com

Richard Gardner, Private Wealth Adviser
+61 8 9488 1444 | rgardner@eurozhartleys.com

Richard’s role involves servicing high net worth investors specialising in mid-cap investment and wealth management, he strives to build close working relationships with clients focused on strategic investment to achieve mutual goals. Prior to joining Euroz Hartleys Richard worked in property and marketing, he holds a Bachelor of Commerce.

James Gatti, Investment Adviser
+61 8 9268 3025 | jgatti@eurozhartleys.com

James is an experienced investment adviser, who joined Hartleys in 2010. Prior to Hartleys, James worked as an accountant and studied economics and marketing. With a background in elite sport, James is driven to achieve the best possible outcomes for his clients, and understands firsthand the results that can be achieved by working in a [more]

John Goodlad, Investment Adviser
+61 8 9268 2890 | jgoodlad@eurozhartleys.com

John R Goodlad is a former Australian diplomat and an experienced Investment Adviser who specialises in assisting Australian and International clients manage their wealth. His focus is on the establishment and ongoing management of long term, quality growth portfolios. John provides a full range of Australian-based services – including advice on shares, fixed interest, financial [more]

Rebecca Gordon, Compliance Officer
+61 8 9476 3937 | rgordon@eurozhartleys.com

Kelly Gostt, Dealers Assistant
+61 8 9268 2854 | kgostt@eurozhartleys.com

Kelly has over 20 years’ experience working in stockbroking, and is part of the David Smyth/James Gatti team. She specialises in administration management for clients by taking a hands on, holistic approach from the very start.  Kelly works closely with clients to establish key relationships necessary in dealing with their investment structures.  In knowing the [more]

Laurence Grescos, Associate Adviser
+61 8 9488 1419 | lgrescos@eurozhartleys.com

Laurence Grescos joined Euroz Hartleys in 2018 after completing a Bachelor of Commerce, Majoring in Finance at Curtin University. Laurence is currently completing Graduate Diploma in Financial Planning through Kaplan Professional.  

Andrew Gribble, Investment Adviser
+61 8 9268 2842 | agribble@eurozhartleys.com

For more than 20 years Andrew has been working as an Investment Adviser, taking an holistic approach when working with clients to navigate the complexities of the wealth management industry.  With his breadth of experience Andrew is well equipped to help his clients achieve their financials goals by creating a tailored plan to achieve long-term [more]

Tia Hall, Dealers Assistant
+61 8 9268 2825 | thall@eurozhartleys.com

Ian Harrison, Private Wealth Adviser
+61 8 9488 1422 | iharrison@eurozhartleys.com

Ian joined Euroz Hartleys after 20 years with Macquarie Group in their Wealth Management Division, having begun his career at accounting firm BDO. Ian provides his clients with advice and strategies across a range of Wealth Management areas, opening up opportunities to a range of investors and senior management teams that can help them achieve [more]

Matilda Hook, Dealers Assistant
+61 8 9268 2848 | mhook@eurozhartleys.com

Kirsty Hopson, Trainee Dealers Assistant
+61 8 9268 2812 | khopson@eurozhartleys.com

Murray Jacob, Investment Adviser
+61 8 9268 2892 | mjacob@eurozhartleys.com

Murray has 20 years of experience in financial services and is a senior member of our Private Client division servicing a diverse client base of Institutional Clients, high and ultra-high net worth clients and an array of ASX Listed Company directors. Murray started his career with Euroz Hartleys prior to September 2001 and has guided [more]

Karen Kernaghan, Head of Adviser Support & Associate Director
+61 8 9346 0371 | kkernaghan@eurozhartleys.com

Gavin Lehmann, Investment Adviser
+61 8 9268 2895 | glehmann@eurozhartleys.com

Worked over 20 years as a senior Investment Adviser, focusing on the investment and management of tailored individual portfolio’s working with high net worth clients  to tailor the investments for long term growth as well as taking the opportunity in shorter term positions when they become available. Gavin previously worked in corporate superannuation and financial [more]

Shane Lehmann, Investment Adviser
+61 8 9268 2897 | slehmann@eurozhartleys.com

Shane Lehmann is a Senior Investment Adviser who specialises in providing bespoke funds management and tailored professional wealth management advice. Shane focuses on assisting clients to achieve their own financial independence through careful investment choice. This involves looking at strategy planning, as well as advising both in equities, options overlay, managed funds, term deposits and [more]

Marc Lincoln, Head of Private Wealth
+61 8 9268 2891 | mlincoln@eurozhartleys.com

Marc has worked in financial services for more than 25 years.  Prior to returning to Euroz Hartleys, where his stockbroking experience began in the late 90’s, he was State Manager at Bell Potter WA and spent time managing a multi-state commercial insurance sales team.

Sam Lowrie, Investment Adviser
+61 8 9268 2841 | slowrie@eurozhartleys.com

Sam joined Euroz Hartleys in 2017 after completing a Bachelor of Commerce majoring in Economics and Finance. Sam provides strategic, tailored investment advice for high net worth individuals and families across a range of Wealth Management areas.

Steven Loxley, Investment Adviser
+61 8 9268 2857 | sloxley@eurozhartleys.com

Steven has been working as a stockbroker for nearly 20 years,  starting at DJ Carmichael before moving to Euroz Hartleys in 2008.  Prior to that, he worked as a senior journalist with The  West Australian, including a stint as Business Editor, and The Australian Financial Review.  Steven provides a range of specialised investment advice to [more]

Tim Lyons, Investment Adviser
+61 8 9346 0324 | tlyons@eurozhartleys.com

Tim has worked in the stockbroking industry for over 25 years and is a senior member of our Private Client Division. Tim was previously Executive Chairman of Blackswan Equities where his role included maintaining the firm’s corporate relationships and servicing his high net worth private client base. Tim was also a partner at Porter Western [more]

Jamie Mackie, Private Wealth Adviser
+61 8 9488 1416 | jmackie@eurozhartleys.com

James has been working in the stockbroking industry since 1998. James services high net worth investors and is a senior member of our Private Client Division. He holds a Bachelor of Commerce from Curtin University and a Graduate Diploma in Applied Finance and Investment from FINSIA.

Andrew Macnaughtan, Investment Adviser
+61 8 9268 2898 | amacnaughtan@eurozhartleys.com

Chris May, Compliance Manager
+61 8 9268 2852 | cmay@eurozhartleys.com

Giles McCaw, Private Wealth Adviser
+61 8 9488 1462 | gmccaw@eurozhartleys.com

Giles has been in broking since 1991, starting his career as a bond broker in London and spending the last 17 years as a retail adviser in the Australian stockbroking industry. Giles’ main area of interest is in the small to mid cap sector, particularly resources.  

Scott Metcalf, Investment Adviser
+61 8 9268 2807 | smetcalf@eurozhartleys.com

Scott has over 25 years-experience as an investment adviser. He has a focus on portfolio management, overlaying exchange traded option strategies for high net worth clients

David Michael, Investment Adviser
+61 8 9268 2835 | dmichael@eurozhartleys.com

Jess Mirchef, Dealers Assistant
+61 8 9268 2899 | jmirchef@eurozhartleys.com

Sandra Mirco, Investment Adviser
+61 8 9268 2853 | smirco@eurozhartleys.com

Sandra has been involved in the financial planning industry for over 25 years. She joined Euroz Hartleys in 2003 and during this time, Sandra consolidated her experience as a Senior Paraplanner in preparing and providing strategic and technical Statements of Advice, complex financial modelling and technical research in the development of client financial plans.  Sandra [more]

Heather Moffitt, Compliance Officer
+61 8 9268 2849 | hmoffitt@eurozhartleys.com

Jamie Moullin, Investment Adviser
+61 8 9268 2856 | jmoullin@eurozhartleys.com

Jamie has been working in the stockbroking and investment bank industry since 1999. He holds a Bachelor of Commerce from Curtin University, a Graduate Diploma in Applied Finance and Investment from FINSIA and is an accredited derivatives adviser. Jamie specialises in providing a comprehensive Wealth Management Service to assist clients achieve their goals and is currently [more]

Chris Munro, Investment Adviser
+61 8 9268 2858 | cmunro@eurozhartleys.com

Michael Munro, Investment Adviser
+61 8 9268 2820 | mmunro@eurozhartleys.com

Mike holds a Bachelor of Commerce from UWA and is a Chartered Accountant.  After 14 years working with Arthur Andersen, he decided to change careers and moved to stockbroking in 2000.  He is able to utilise the experience he gained as an Accountant in helping people to develop their portfolios, manage their wealth and advise [more]

Lucas Ntoumenopoulos, Associate Adviser
+61 8 9268 3059 | lntoumenopoulos@eurozhartleys.com

Ian Parker, Investment Adviser
+61 8 9268 2810 | iparker@eurozhartleys.com

Ian has been in the Stockbroking industry since 1991.  He was the Executive Chairman of Hartley’s Limited before its merger with Euroz Limited. Ian is now a director of Euroz Hartleys Group Limited and works as an Investment Adviser in the Private Wealth division. Ian specialises in advising high net worth clients in all aspects [more]

Matthew Parker, Investment Adviser
+61 8 9268 2826 | mparker@eurozhartleys.com

Matthew joined Euroz Hartleys in 2014 on the Private Client Desk and specialises in the small cap / speculative end of the market providing investment advice to retail and high net worth clients. Matthew holds a Bachelor of Laws from Murdoch University and completed his articles at Lavan Legal working in the corporate services team.

Jack Prendiville, Associate Adviser
+61 8 9268 3051 | jprendiville@eurozhartleys.com

Jack joined Euroz Hartleys in 2018 after completing a Bachelor of Commerce at UWA and is currently completing a Graduate Diploma of Financial Planning. Jack’s role involves servicing investors specialising in small to mid-cap investments as well as wealth management. Jack strives to build close working relationships with clients whilst providing strategic advice to evolve [more]

Domenic Romeo, Paraplanner
+61 8 9268 3043 | dromeo@eurozhartleys.com

Heath Ryan, Investment Adviser
+61 8 9268 3053 | hryan@eurozhartleys.com

Tom Shackles, Associate Adviser
+61 8 9268 2802 | tshackles@eurozhartleys.com

Tom has worked in the Accounting and Finance industry since 2015. Tom specialises in wealth management and investment portfolio advice using his knowledge of superannuation strategies, financial planning and taxation to build wealth. Tom has a Bachelor of Commerce majoring in Accounting and Finance, a Diploma of Financial Planning and is a fully Accredited Derivatives [more]

Shauni Simpson, Manager - Dealers Assistants
+61 8 9268 2804 | ssimpson@eurozhartleys.com

David Smyth, Investment Adviser
+61 8 9268 2839 | dsmyth@eurozhartleys.com

David Smyth grew up in a close knit farming family in York, and being part of the agricultural sector has long been an important part of his life. After going away to boarding school at Scotch College and the completing a Bachelor of Business degree David went on to jointly own and run a seed [more]

Sonya Soudure, Private Wealth Adviser
+61 8 9268 2865 | ssoudure@eurozhartleys.com

Sonya joined Hartleys in 2001, and specialises in the construction and ongoing management of discrete private investment portfolios, held within SMSFs, private companies / trusts, or personal names. Her focus is on achieving a combination of income and growth in a transparent and tax-efficient environment. Sonya graduated with a Bachelor of Psychology and a Master [more]

Ben Statham, Private Wealth Adviser
+61 8 9488 1417 | bstatham@eurozhartleys.com

Ben completed a Bachelor of Economics from UWA before commencing employment with Macquarie Bank in 2000 where he left for Euroz Hartleys in 2009 as one of their top Adviser  Ben is a senior member of our Private Client Division and services high net worth families. Ben holds a Graduate Diploma in Applied Finance and [more]

Ryan Stewart, Investment Adviser
+61 8 9488 1441 | rstewart@eurozhartleys.com

Ryan has worked in the broking industry for 19 years and is a Senior Private Client Adviser. He commenced at Euroz Hartleys in 2003 and in that time has built a predominantly high net worth private client base.

Melissa Street, Administrative Assistant
+61 8 9268 3010 | mstreet@eurozhartleys.com

Melissa has over 18 years’ experience working in both stockbroking and Investment Banking, first starting with Hartleys in 2003. During this time, Melissa travelled to the UK, continuing  to work within the industry at Morgan Stanley, within the Global Capital Markets, and also taking some time away to have her two sons. Melissa has now [more]

Lauren Tarry, Dealers Assistant
+61 8 9268 3027 | ltarry@eurozhartleys.com

Amanda Tomlins, Dealers Assistant
+61 8 9268 2809 | atomlins@eurozhartleys.com

Dirk Vanderstruyf, Investment Adviser
+61 8 9268 2855 | dvanderstruyf@eurozhartleys.com

Dirk has over 25 years experience in financial services and is a senior member of our Private Client Division. Dirk graduated from Edith Cowan University in 1991 with a Bachelor of Business majoring in Banking and Finance, he was awarded the Australian Institute of Bankers Prize at Graduation, then worked as a Credit Analyst at [more]

Kasey Wells, Dealers Assistant
+61 8 9268 2889 | kwells@euroz.com

Tanya White, Administrative Assistant
+61 8 9488 1466 | twhite@eurozhartleys.com

Julie Boyer, Dealers Assistant
+61 8 9268 2871 | jboyer@eurozhartleys.com