Euroz Hartleys Nickel Snapshot Conference

Euroz Hartleys hosted a virtual Nickel conference yesterday. We had 14 companies present throughout the day. The nickel macro is well understood, however we have pulled together a number of graphics to help illustrate the market dynamic. We note the Nickel cash price remains well off its all time highs, some 64% lower than 2007 [more]

Euroz Hartleys Mining Services Day Review

We hosted a Mining Services day yesterday. Below are some notes from each of the 17 names that presented. Broadly speaking, the themes we took away from the presentations are as follows: Increasing confidence of delivery in a Covid world – we are living with it, this is how we will get to X. Guiding [more]

Euroz Hartleys Monthly Insights

In this edition we will: share some observations on the market movements for the month of August, provide a great insight into our Corporate Finance team through an interview with our Co-Heads of Corporate Finance, Brian Beresford and Dale Bryan, release Episode 12 of our short video series 3 Minute Tech. This episode is the second part of [more]

Euroz Hartleys FY21 lowest CAIC award: WAF

We would like to congratulate the entire West African Resources team on winning the Euroz Hartleys inaugural FY21 lowest CAIC award. Looking forward to increased cash generation in FY22. CAIC takes into account all costs, with the exception of capital expenditure on new production centres (processing mill), adjusting for equity raised and dividends paid. The CAIC metric [more]

Share Buy-backs

On the back of a strong rebound in profits, some of Australia’s biggest companies are in the midst of large share buy-backs. With buy-backs, the company can purchase the shares on the market or from shareholders directly (‘off-market’). For investors, making the decision to participate in these buy-backs comes down to many factors, some of [more]

Dowerin Field Days

Euroz Hartleys was once again an Exhibitor in the Dowerin Field Days held on August 25th and 26th in Dowerin. The event started with long lines to enter and a huge number of exhibitors. The organisers of the event have since highlighted that they achieved record breaking attendances of some 25,000 people over the two [more]

Euroz Hartleys Monthly Insights

In this edition we will: cover off on the market movements for July, provide a great insight into our Research Team through an interview with our Head of Research, Jon Bishop, introduce the latest short video episode of 3 Minute Tech, where we discuss “Estate Planning – Wills and Testamentary Trusts”, provide a fantastic insight into some of our Private Wealth [more]

Boab Metals Site Visit

Euroz Hartleys had an opportunity to visit Boab Metals’ (BML) Sorby Hills Base Metal Project located in the Kimberley, WA. Sorby Hills is currently the subject of development studies, with the Definitive Feasibility Study (DFS) scheduled for release in Q1CY22.

WA Investor Night

We want to say a huge thank you to all our clients and colleagues who attended our WA Investor Night last week. What a fabulous night and turn out for Ben Cole from Wide Open Agriculture, Marcel Brandenburg – Good Drinks Australia Ltd, Peter Gibbons – Openn Negotiation and Stephen Cornish from Pentanet to share their story to investors.

Inheriting Shares

In 1978, Australia abolished “death duties”, being taxes upon the estates of decedents. However, this doesn’t mean that taxes are not payable when individuals inherit wealth. There are numerous taxes that apply to estates, such as those payable on superannuation proceeds and capital gains on disposal of certain assets. Within the below, we highlight some of [more]

June Monthly Insights

Welcome to our first Euroz Hartleys Monthly Insights for this financial year. In this edition: we will look at the market movements for June, showcase our new Private Wealth video featuring some of our team, provide some insights into our recent, very successful, Commission for a Cause event, and, in our Wealth Point section, we summarise some important [more]

Changes for the New Year

With 2020-21 done and dusted and the new financial year upon us, there are a number of important superannuation and tax changes that have come into effect. We summarise the legislative implications, some of which may prompt a review of ongoing planning. It is also critical to note that announcements made in the recent 2021 Federal Budget may not be included as the proposals firstly require approval.
Feel free to contact your adviser if you have any queries.

Rottnest Island Institutional Investor Conference 2021

Euroz Hartleys would like to thank all participants who attended our 21st Annual Rottnest Island Institutional Investor Conference. It was another exciting and successful year held at Discovery Rottnest Island, 40 Institutional clients attending and 60 companies presenting over the two and a half days. Aeris Resources Limited, Alpha Hpa Limited, Austal Limited, Australian Finance [more]

Ora Banda Mining Limited Site Visit

Euroz Hartleys recently visited Ora Banda Mining Limited’s (OBM) Davyhurst Gold Mine, located ~120km north-west of Kalgoorlie in WA . First gold was poured in early February 2021, with the operations now ramping-up towards targeted production levels. The Davyhurst Plant is currently being fed from ores from the Riverina open pit and Golden Eagle underground [more]

Proteomics International Laboratories Site Visit

A group from Euroz Hartleys were pleased to have the opportunity to visit Proteomics International Laboratories Ltd’s (ASX: PIQ) state-of-the art facilities at the Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research earlier this week. Advisers were provided with a close up look of the Company’s highly specialised labs and equipment. We look forward to an exciting [more]

VEEM Site Visit

Great day on the water last week as a group of Euroz Hartleys advisers were given a front-row seat aboard the VEEM Ltd demonstration boat and its newly upgraded gyrostabiliser. An exciting year ahead for the company as they continue to commercialise its Gyro business.

Gold Evening Presentations

What a great turn at our Gold Evening held at the Claremont Football Club. Thank you to everyone who came along and special thanks to Mark Williams (Red 5 Limited), Mark Zeptner (RAMELIUS RESOURCES LIMITED), Nicholas Earner (Alkane Resources Ltd) and Robert Waugh (Musgrave Minerals Limited) for taking the time to present to our clients.

Rottnest Island Institutional Investor Conference 2020

Euroz Securities would like to thank all participants who attended our 20th Annual Rottnest Island Institutional Investor Conference. It was another exciting and successful year held at Discovery Rottnest Island, 45 Institutional clients attending and 45 companies presenting over the two and a half days. Austal, AFG Australian Finance Group, Australis Oil & Gas Ltd, [more]

Educational Videos

One of our core pillars at Euroz Hartleys Private Wealth is education, and sharing our knowledge with our client community. Our goal with these quick and to the point 3 Minute Tech videos below is to explain sometimes technically challenging wealth management topics in simple and easy to understand language.

* Please note that the applicable thresholds have increased since the time of publication. Please refer to episode 10 for the current thresholds effective the 1st July 2021.