Investment Adviser

Email: dsmyth@eurozhartleys.com

Phone: +61 8 9268 2839

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David Smyth grew up in a close knit farming family in York, and being part of the agricultural sector has long been an important part of his life. After going away to boarding school at Scotch College and the completing a Bachelor of Business degree David went on to jointly own and run a seed business which he loved and enabled him to grow some fantastic, longstanding relationships with grain growers across the state.

This business was eventually acquired in a successful buy out which then allowed David the opportunity to pursue his other main passion of financial markets and, building on his previous business experience, in 2000 he joined Euroz Hartleys (previously Hartleys) and began the process of building a leading financial services offering to people seeking advice on building their wealth and getting their financial house in order.

His background has enabled David to remain entrenched within the rural and agricultural sector and he now has the privilege of having many farming and agricultural business owners as clients in addition to other clients across a broad range of occupations. As part of his financial services career David also went on to achieve the position of being a member of the then Hartleys Company Board of Directors and completed a Graduate Diploma in Financial Planning.

David works as part of a team of five with colleague James Gatti. The importance of having a professional team that clients can rely on in all circumstances is an integral part of David and James’s service offering and allows all clients to have confidence and trust that they are receiving professional management of their investment and superannuation portfolios, including asset allocation , and ensuring their financial house is, and remains, in order so that they can achieve their important life goals.

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