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Brad has been employed at Euroz Hartleys Limited for 25 years and has built a client community that relies on his expertise for portfolio management and getting clients to their goals. By providing individualised solutions to each family group, Brad and his team have steered their clients through the variety of life and financial stages to a place where they have maximised their chances of financial success.

Brad attended Hale School from 1982-86 where his two sons also attended. After graduating in 1990 with a Bachelor of Economics from UWA, he spent nearly 4 years travelling the world pursuing his love of travel, diving and snow skiing. Returning to Perth, he was accepted into Hartley Poynton.

He has obtained a post graduate degree in Applied Investment and Finance, and has completed the financial adviser exam, Completed Level 1 and 2 Accredited Derivatives Advisers Program and Graduated from The Australian Institute of Company Directors.

Clients begin by completing the full Financial Planning experience that allows Brad’s in depth knowledge to understand the foundation of the client’s current financial position and then guide the clients into the best possible financial position. This is achieved by coordinating the best experts under his supervision to deliver a roadmap for achieving their financial goals.  Once the correct structures are in place, Brad is focussed on the management of their investment portfolio across a range of asset classes.

  • Direct Australian Shares
  • International Managed Funds
  • Active Derivatives strategy for income generation and hedging
  • Fixed Interest/Bonds, Credit and yield based Investments
  • Exchange Traded Funds
  • Alternative Asset Strategies including Long/Short Hedge Funds.

You can gain access to a wide variety of special situation equity investments that arise regularly working for an ASX participant.  Brad takes the pick of corporate capital raisings and placements whilst clients enjoy wholesale entry to a variety industries, commodities and institutional grade offerings.

Brad Booth 1Sophisticated clients are shown genuine leveraged opportunities.

Euroz Hartleys continues to be the top source of corporate product in WA.

His interest in Portfolio Construction inspired Brad to publish a book through Wrightbooks “Options in a Nutshell” to assist people maximise their portfolio return and manage volatility.

Brad attended Hale School from 1982-86 where his two sons also attended.

Brad leads a specialised and motivated team comprising.

  • Ryan Li – Investment Adviser
  • Jamie Moullin – Investment Manager
  • Amanda Tomlins – Administrative Assistant
  • Brad Booth – Senior Investment Advisor

The team work together to ensure our clients receive tailored and personalised Investment Solutions.

We advise a small number of family groups in a comprehensive manner.

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