Our competitive advantage is very clear:

We are WA based with a specific focus on resources, mining services and small to mid-cap WA industrials. We are the “eyes and ears” on the ground for our institutional clients around Australia and globally.

Our team includes very experienced individuals who have dedicated their career to this sector of the market, and who seek to deliver true value by providing unique company insight and specialised execution.

Being the largest institutional desk in Australia, our team has built long and strong relationships with the Boards, Management and Leaders of the WA small to mid cap company community. Relationships that can’t be replicated.

We believe that our success is as much about our willingness to be discerning regarding the deals we don’t pursue as the one’s that we do.

One of the most experienced and largest institutional small to mid-cap dealing desks in the Australian market that specialises in the small to mid cap companies of Western Australia:

• Extensive client base of Australian and International institutional investors with strong relationships with small company fund managers

• Distribution network strength – long standing relationships with major institutional investors in the small to mid-cap market

• Western Australia’s geographic isolation makes it difficult for institutional investors to maintain close contact with companies based here – investors can rely on our “on the ground” information

• Institutional dealing team “highly focused” on providing the following services:

  1. Quality advice and idea generation
  2. Efficient execution
  3. Regular company contact
  4. Site visits
  5. Roadshows

Focusing on small to mid-cap WA businesses has allowed Euroz Hartleys to be recognised as one of the leading corporate arms nationally providing institutional clients access to specialised opportunities.

Supported by one of the largest in-house research teams, we are able to provide a deep level of understanding of opportunities in the WA market.