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Episode 30: Nick Griffin, Founder & CIO of Munro Partners

Episode 30: Nick Griffin, Founder & CIO of Munro Partners 1

Our special guest for this brand new episode is Mr Nick Griffin, the founding partner & chief investment officer for highly regarded funds management business Munro Partners. Munro Partners was founded in 2016 as an investment manager with a core focus on global growth equities and has grown and grown having now some $4.5 billion dollars of funds under their management. Nick provides some fantastic insights into his background, how he commenced on a  20+ year pathway in funds management and his wider views on the exciting world of global investing including growth investing, what they look for and how they assess big structural changes and identify companies that will participate in these changes. The conversation includes the key characteristics that makes a great growth company, a thorough insight into an emerging structural change being that of artificial intelligence, and other areas they are considering including the current market conditions. There really are many fantastic takeaways from Nick’s well delivered insights.

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