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Episode 24: Paul Anderson, Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer & Managing Director of Orthocell

In this episode we are hugely fortunate to have an absolute leader in their very specialist field join us on the show.

Our special guest is Mr Paul Anderson, CEO and Managing Director of ASX listed regenerative medicine company Orthocell.

Paul is a veteran of the regenerative medicine field which is a technology that has emerged over the last 20 years. The focus began with using cellular therapy for the regeneration of damaged cartilage. This focus, combined with Paul’s passion for his craft, has progressed through the founding of Orthocell to commercialising a range of different products for nerve, bone, tendon, ligament cartilage and soft tissue repair and regeneration – and includes doing a multi-million dollar deal with one of the largest dental companies in the world today.

This is a seriously great chat into entrepreneurialism and business building over the long term. We gain a look at Paul’s background and how he arrived in his field of expertise with an overview of a journey that has so many insights and takeaways.

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