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Episode 10: Dr Peter Molloy, Founder & Executive Chairman of Firebrick Pharma

Episode 10: Dr Peter Molloy, Founder & Executive Chairman of Firebrick Pharma 1

Welcome to our 10th episode of “Finding the Front”!

In this episode we have a wonderful opportunity to meet and learn about one of Australia’s most experienced Pharmaceutical and Biotech CEOs and entrepreneurs, Dr Peter Molloy. Peter is the founder and executive chairman of Firebrick Pharma, stock code FRE, a company that has developed a breakthrough nasal spray medicine that targets the viral cause of the common cold.

Peter has an unbelievable background in this Pharmaceutical and Biotech sector and provides us a thought provoking understanding of what it has taken to become a leader in this field.

He is a qualified microbiologist and biochemist who built a successful career in the pharmaceutical industry, initially at Faulding (Aust) where as a microbiologist and marketer he was integral in the launch of the Betadine Sore Throat Gargle which been an incredible success, and then at Pharmacia, later to become Pfizer, where he was Managing Director of Australia/NZ operations and later International Vice President for Strategic Marketing.

During his career, Peter launched some 23 new pharmaceutical products and executed no less than 40 international licensing or distribution deals. Subsequently, he was CEO of four biotech companies in US and Australia, including two ASX-listed firms.

As CEO of antiviral drug development company, Biota Holdings Limited (2002-2005), the company’s market value grew from $30m to around $300m. Subsequently, as founding CEO of Race Oncology (2016-2020), the company’s market value grew from $12m to more than $400m during 2021.

In this broad ranging conversation Peter also provides his seriously informed insights into the Australian Biotech sector and the industry as a whole.

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