Over the weekend, some of our staff headed down to Trigg Beach to volunteer with Ocean Heroes. It was a fantastic day, and we’re very proud to not only have sponsored the day but to also have so many staff involved with the event.

Ocean Heroes is a Western Australian based charity that aims to improve the wellbeing of those living with autism and their families through surfing. They provide a unique opportunity for people on the Autism spectrum to take part in organized sport backed by a highly supported, safe and inclusive environment.

Thank you to Christine Biggs-O’SullivanKatrina RyanAnthony Hewett FGIA FCG (CS, CGP)Chelsey KidnerHarish JagutpalHarry StevensonGiles McCawDale BryanMichael ScantleburyMichael BrownDavid CrossBen Crossing, Scott Weir, John Newman, Richard Simpson, Tim Bunney and Gemma Skillen for their time.

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