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Euroz recently hosted global fundraising expert, Kingsley Aikins to be the  keynote speaker for a series of workshops and breakfasts for the Not-for-Profit sector and Perth schools community.

Kingsley has had a fascinating career spanning several continents and he discussed his insights working with global philanthropy organisations.  He highlighted the importance of thorough planning in any fundraising campaign and told several witty and interesting stories of his exploits in the UK, Ireland, USA and Australia.

We had over 600 people for the 3 days of events and we hope the presentations were able to stimulate discussions within attendees organisations around their fundraising techniques.

Below are links to Kingsley’s presentation and two recent press articles for your reference.

Kingsley Aikins Presentation

Business News Article published by Mark Beyer

The West Australian Article

Euroz and Entrust are proudly Western Australian organisations and support initiatives that will assist the Not-for-Profit sector. We believe that philanthropy is a key pillar of the community and we will continue to support its growth and development.

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